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53 Days
-Weight Of the World-
A Case For Case
-various artists-
Abra Moore
-On The Way-
Acoustically Insane
"The Best of Times"
Aldis and the Blue Cats
"Mosquito Water"
Alex Chilton's Box Tops
- Seneca - Niagara Casino -
Niagara Falls, NY 11-27-09
-Leave Your Light On-
Alyn Syms
-The Lost Art-
Americanarama 6
Americanarama 7
Angell, Tara
-Come Down-
Any December
-Hide & Seek-
Artvoice Street Festival 6/24/01
-Buffalo Says Goodbye to The Aud-
By Suzanne K. Taylor
Aurigema, Maria
-Take Me-
Bareback Jack
-Bottoms Up-
Bass Reeves
-If You Ignore The Truth-
Beck, Jeff
-Center for the Arts-SUNY @ Buffalo-
Amherst, NY - April 22nd, 2011
Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin' Daddies!
-Big City Blues-
Bert Sugar's Baseball Hall of Fame:
A Living History of America's Greatest Game-
By Bert Randolph Sugar
Big Scrooge
-The Labrynth-
Black, Jeff
-Tin Lily-
Seneca-Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY - 6-14-08
Blue Rodeo
Concert review
Blue Rodeo
- Riviera Theatre -
North Tonawanda, NY 11-19-09
Blue Rodeo
-Small Miracles-
Blue Rodeo 
"The Days In Between"
Blue Rodeo
Blues Traveler
Bob & Gene
-If This World Were Mine…-
Bravo, Jason
-Between Head and Heart-
Bravuras, The
-Jerry's Blues-
Brown, Maggie
-self titled-
Bryan, Roger
-Engine Hum-
Buddy Guy
-Center for the Arts-
Amherst, NY April 4th, 2011
Buffalo Heads
Media Study, Media Practice, Media Pioneers, 1973-1990
Edited by Woody Vasulka and Peter Weibel
Buffalo Home of the Braves-
By Tim Wendel
Buffalo Music Hall of Fame 2007 Compilation CD Volume 1
-Various Artists-
Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Concert 
-Niawanda Park-

North Tonawanda, NY 7-24-04
Guitar Festival 2003
Buffalo Nickel
-Noise and Conversation-
Burning Paris
-self titled-
Bursie, Noa
-Familiar Addiction-
Bursie, Noa
-Talk Story-
-Audio Morphine-
Cannon, Christopher
"Halos of Smoke"
Cannon, Chris
-Suitcase Funeral-
Celani, Scott
"Them Apples"
Celani, Scott
-Wired For Nostalgia-
Chameleonwest’s Music is Art Collection 2004
-various artists-
-In All Of Creation-
"Notes from the Underground"
Clark, Stacy 
Cline, Alex
Cline, Nels
Cockburn, Bruce
-The Tralf Music Hall-
Coen, Davis
-Ill Disposition-
Colvin, Shawn
-Tralf Music Hall-
Conjerti, Sam
-Secretly Famous-
Conjerti, Sam
- Accidental Meditations (a daydream performance)-
Cosby, Bill
Seneca-Niagara Casino
Cosmic Stepping Stones
CD Release Party

Featuring: Davey O & Emery Nash
Costello, Sean
-We Can Get Together-
Cowboy Junkies
-At the End of Paths Taken-
Cowboy Junkies
-Early 21st Century Blues-
Cowboy Junkies
-Sphere Entertainment Complex- 

Buffalo, NY- 9-17-04
Cowboy Junkies
-Tralf Music Hall-
Crimson Tyde
"Sea of Lost Souls"
Crimson Tyde
"Crimson Tyde"
Seneca-Niagara Casino
Cuddy, Jim
-The Light That Guides You Home-
Cute Is What We Aim For
Cute Is What We Aim For
-The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch-
Dali's Ghost
-self titled-
Daniels, Charlie
WNY Events Centre
-Sweet Sister Vengeance-
Dave Constantino Band
-Bump In The Road-
Dave Constantino Band
-Club Infinity-
Dave Schmeidler
Davey O
-Thirty Nine Dollar View-
Davey O.
Davey O.
"the bare sessions"
Davey O
"The Emotional Shelter”
Davey O
-The Long Way Home-
Dawn Van Name
-No Harden Heart-
Dee Adams & The Roadtrippers
-Taking My Time-
Delmore, Ryan
-The Spirit The Water and the Blood -
Dennen, Brett
-So Much More-
Seneca-Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY - 4-23-08
Derwald, Richie
Diamond, Lance
"A Lance Diamond Christmas"
Diesel Doug and The Long Haul Truckers
-Mistakes were Made (a retrospective 1995-2005)-
Difranco, Ani
-Knuckle Down-
-Live at The Palais Royale-
Toronto, Canada
Downchild Blues Band
Dr. John with The Neville Brothers
Seneca-Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY - 6-27-08
Drowning in September
-The Last Show Ever-
Earle, Steve
-Live At Montreux 2005-
Egan, Bob
-The Glorious Decline-
-self titled-
Eric Herman and the Invisible Band
-Monkey Business-
Falgiano, Rob  
“Things I Used To Know”
Fins, Chrome and the Open Road
-A Tribute to the Cadillac-
-self titled-
-She Wants To Be Some Body-
Franklin, Aretha
-Events Center-Seneca-Niagara Casino-
Niagara Falls, NY May 28th, 2011
Frozen Assets
-The Beautiful Truth About Western New York's Fourth Season-
By Mark D. Donnelly
Galante, Jessie
-Diary of a Bad Housewife-
Gateway Park 7/28/01
Alannah Myles
Gateway Park 8/11/01
The Knack
Get Born
-self titled-
Gillam, Sam
-Measure of Doubt-
Gillian, Ian
-Gillian’s Inn-
"The Whole Scene Going"
girlpope and Bobo
"girlpope vs. Bobo"
Goodbye Houston
-Self Titled-
Greenhouse Effect
"Greenhouse Effect"
Green, Al
Events Center-Seneca-Niagara Casino
Gross, Dave
-Crawling the Walls-
Grushecky, Joe
-A Good Life-
GR& and Rhyson Hall
-Detained At The Border-
Gurf Morlix
-Cut ‘N Shoot-
Gurf Morlix
-Diamonds to Dust-
Gurf Morlix
"Fishin' in the Muddy"
Gurf Morlix
-Last Exit to Happyland-
"School Of Hard Knocks"
"A Million Dollars"
"20 years and Going Strong"
-Cold December-
Hawkins, Sophie B.
Haynes & Perry
"Songs from the Ghostlight"


Heartless Bastards
-The Mountain-
Heffern, Gary
John Hiatt
-Bear's Den-Seneca-Niagara Casino-
- Niagara Falls, NY - 7-19-10-
Hiatt, John
-Master of Disaster-
Hillman, Chris
-The Other Side-
Hudson, Karen
-Hudson River View-
In from the Cold
"In From The Cold"
Insomniacs, The
-At Least I'm Not With You-
It Shined
-The Saga of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils-
By Michael Supe Granda
Jason Ricci and New Blood
-Done With the Devil-
Jason Ricci & New Blood
-Rocket Number 9-
Jean, Cathy  
-Sick Little Twist-
Jeez Luweez
-Enjoy the Show-
Jim Neyerlin and the Legends
-Mission Statement-
Jimmy Nalls 
“Ain’t No Stranger”
-Beyond The Obvious-
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Joey + Rory
-The Life of a Song-
John & Mary & the Valkyries
-Peace Bridge-
Jones, Rickie Lee
-Tralf Music Hall-
Buffalo, NY 6-26-07
Jony James Blues Band 
“Live at the Tudor”
Jony James Blues Band 
“In This World”
Jony James Blues Band
-What About Tomorrow-
-…at last-
Junction Five
Just Plain Todd
"Caterpillar Daydreams"
Kallay, Diane
-Paisley Blues-
Karp, Peter
-Shadows and Cracks-
Kate, Melissa
-Blind Faith-
Keelor, Greg
-Aphrodite Rose-
Kick Williams
-Distance and Truth-
King, Dennis
-Stinkin Dead Buffalo-
-Makin' Noise-
Klose, Jann
Klyma, Greg
"In the Meantime"
Lambert, Miranda
Last Conservative 
-On To The Next One-
Last Days Of Radio
-In Audio Magic-
Leavell, Chuck 
LeeRon Zydeco & the Hot Tamales
"Raw Roots - LeeRon Live"
Lennon, Sean
-Tralf Music Hall-
Levon Helm Band
-UB's Center for the Arts-
March 6th, 2011
Lewis, Sylvie
-Tangos and Tantrums-
Lightfoot, Gordon
-Shea's Performing Arts Center-
Lightnin’ Rod & The Thunderbolts 
"All American Blues"
Lindley, David
-The Tralf-
March 31st, 2011
Lorenzo, P.J.
Lorenzo, P. J.
Los Lobos
-The Ride-
Los Lobos
-The Town And the City-
Lowside of the Road
-A Life of Tom Waits-
By Barney Hoskyns
Luke Mulholland Band, The
Lynch, Rob
-Gift Songs From A Lovely, Puzzling Sea.-
Marina, Anya
-Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II-
Mary Haitz and James Anthony
"No Borders"
May, Willie
-Alone - Solo Acoustic-
May, Willie 
"Catgory Six"
-Crash Landing-
McCarthy, Kevin
-High On You-
"Pair O' Doc's"
Mercier, Mandy
-Run Out Of Darkness-
Michaels, Bret
-Club Paradise-Blasdell, NY-
September 23rd, 2010
Michelle and the Midnight Blues
-A Night of Storytelling-Live-
Mick Hayes Band
Mick Hayes Band
-self titled-
Miller, Katie
“Strongest Girl In The World”
-Joe Mombrea-
-self titled-
Muldaur, Maria
-Naughty Bawdy & Blue-
Mulhollen, Joe  
Music is Art Festival
-Albright-Knox Art Gallery-
Myers, Sam
-Coming from the Old School-
"you want it to"
-commercialization, a war, our city-
Nemeth, John
-Magic Touch-
Nicole Hart & the NRG Band
-Live! NRG-
Nikki Hicks and the Soul Music Souljahs
Nile, Willie 
"Beautiful Wreck Of The World"
Nile, Willie  
-Streets Of New York-
Nile, Willie
-The Tralf-
March 5th, 2011-
Nils Lofgren
- Old School -
No Depression: What It Sounds Like (Vol. 1)
-Various Artists-
No Effect
"No Effect"
No Effect 
“Song Garden”
-self titled-
Nuclear Blue
-The Last Days of Free Speech-
Off The Cuff
-Now Is The Time-
-Ghosts Of Dust And Tar-
Oracle Junction
Original Skin
"Without a Release"
Original Skin
PanAmericanarama Festival
-The Final Riot!-
Pardew, Mike
Peck, Danielle
-Danielle Peck-
Pete Worden and The Hardtimers 
-Catch Me If You Can-
-Enter The Phantasm-
-The Clifford Ball-(DVD Box Set)-
Pipitone, Alison
Pipitone, Alison
"Shake it Around"
Popa Chubby
Big Man Big Guitar -Live-
Popovic, Ana
-Still Making History-
Prybylski, Jack
-Window Shopping-
Ramblin' Jack Elliott
-A Stranger Here-
Raw Intelligence
"Raw Intel"
Red Molly
-Love and Other Tragedies-
-The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 (And I Feel Fine)-
Remembering Old Buffalo
-The Glory Years in Western New York-
By Joseph H. Radder
Remember the AFL
-The Ultimate Fan's Guide to the American Football League-
By Dave Steidel
Revelation Project
Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys
-Empty House-
Rhyson Hall
-Still Raw-
Robillard, Duke
-World Full of Blues-
Robison, Bruce 
-Eleven Stories-
Rochford, Kevin
Rockin' the Rockpile
(The Buffalo Bills of the American Football League)
-by Jeffery L. Miller-
Book Review
Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers Quartet
Rodriguez, Carrie
-Seven Angels On A Bicycle-
Rodriguez, Carrie
-She Ain't Me-
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
-No More Beautiful World-
Rohm, Jackson  
-Four On The Floor-
Rohm, Jackson
-Long Way from Moving On-
Rohm, Jackson
-Red Light Fever-
Ross, Diana
Seneca-Niagara Casino-
Niagara Falls, NY - 6-4-08
Rosie Flores
-Working Girl's Guitar-
Roth, Steve 
-Beautiful Addiction-
Ruch, Dave
-The Oldest Was Born First-
Rundgren, Todd
-The Tralf-Buffalo, NY- 7-15-10-
Stacey Earle/Mark Stuart
at Mohawk Place 03/20/2003

Concert Review
Salt Peter 
Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles
-The Stars Are Out-
Sartori, Tom
"Daddy’s Little Princess"
Sartori, Tom
"Live at Woodlawn"
Sebastian, Maria  
“Maybe It’s Just Me”
Sebastian, Maria
-Songs I wrote in the Car-
Sebastian, Maria
-Yellow Envelope-


Senses Fail with New Found Glory
Town Ballroom
Seven Day Faith
"Life Says We Think To Much"
Seven Day Faith
“Somebody Save Me”
Seven Day Faith
-self titled-
Sicilia, Gina
-Hey Sugar-
Simons, Keaton
-Can You Hear Me-
Smith, Dr. Lonnie
-Rise Up!-
Son of the Sun
-Before The After EP-
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes
-Club Infinity-
Williamsville, NY - 5-24-08
Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes 
-Into The Harbor-
-The Long Way Around and Other Short Stories-
"Jazz Ensemble One"
Springsteen, Bruce
Three CD's
Springsteen on Tour 1968-2005, Bruce
-by Dave Marsh-
Spyro Gyra
Concert Review
Spyro Gyra
-Good to Go-Go-
Spyro Gyra
"In Modern Times"
Spyro Gyra
-The Deep End-
Spyro Gyra
-Wrapped In A Dream-
-Bear's Den-Seneca-Niagara Casino-
- Niagara Falls, NY - 8-7-10 -
Squier, Chris
Squire, Chris  
-No Ordinary Anything-
Starr, Eric
Steel Mill 
-The Dead Sea Chronicles-
Steely Dan-Events Center
-Seneca-Niagara Casino-
Niagara Falls, NY
Stevie B & the Rhythm Rockers
-Love is Strong-
Strehli, Angela
-Blue Highway-
Still Fighting It
-The Red Light Fever EP-
-Satire Laden Melodies-
Story Of The Year 
-In The Wake Of Determination-
-For What It’s Worth…-
Stuart, Marty
-Compadres (An Anthology of Duets)-
Sudden Urge
"Channel Surfer"
Superstars Live
-Masonic Lodge-
Cheektowaga 4-20-07
"Giggle and Run"
Surowiec, Matt
-AM Super Hits-
Surowiec, Matt
-Made In Buffalo-
Swados, Robert O.
-Counsel in the Crease-
-After All These Years-
Switzer, Susan
"Cuckoo Spit & Oz"
Tedesco, Aerin
"Angels and Allegories"
Test Tube Rhino
-self titled-
The Alison Pipitone Band
The Amazing
All My Children Band
The Birth of the New NFL
-How the 1966 NFL/AFL Merger Transformed Pro Football-
By Larry Felser
The Black Crowes
November 6th, 2006

Concert Review
The BoDeans
-Bear's Den-Seneca-Niagara Casino-
Niagara Falls, NY - May 14th, 2011
The Buddy Hinds Band and Kate
"Out the Back Door"
The Bourbon Street Brass
"Live at the Queen City Jass 

Society’s Millennium Party"
The Charlie Daniels Band
The Charlie Daniels Band
-Live From Iraq-
The Contortionists
"Get Sweet For You"
The Corrections
-The Man They Could Have Saved-
The Design
-Everybody Knows But You-
The Exoutics
-Anything You Want-
The Feast 
The Fine Art of Capturing Buffalo-
By Mark D. Donnelly
The Filter Kings
- self titled-
The Goo Goo Dolls
Events Center-Seneca-Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY 12-29-06
The Goo Goo Dolls
Events Center-Seneca-Allegany Casino
Salamanca, NY 8-23-08
The Headers
-Don't Be Talkin' Smack-
The Headers
-Turn It Up!-
The Highway Beautiful 
-The Things That Lights Can Hide-
The Jealous Gods
-You'll Want to Wake Up Now-
The Jim Cuddy Band
-Tralf Music Hall-Buffalo, NY-
The Juliet Dagger 
-Turn Up The Death-
The Mantini Sisters
The Neighbors 
-Mobile Homes-
The Old Sweethearts
-In Regards to Your Affairs-
The Outlyers
-Hits & Myths-
The Outlyers
"American Songbook"
The Pretty Reckless
-Hard Rock Café-
February 25, 2011
The Pug Mahones
The Rev
-Flesh Capsule Mess-
The Ron Mendez Band
"To Hell and Back"
The Sandinista! Project
-A Tribute to The Clash-
The Silos
-Come On Like The Fast Lane-
The Silos 
-When The Telephone Rings-
The Slits
The Steam Donkeys 
“Buffalo, NY”
The Thermidors
-Sebring Sessions-
The Tragically Hip
Lewiston, NY 7-1-07
The Tragically Hip
-Events Center - Seneca-Allegany Casino-
Salamanca, NY 11-6-2009
The Tragically Hip 
-In Between Evolution-
The Tragically Hip
-Warner Theatre-
Erie, PA.5-18-07
The Tragically Hip
-We Are the Same-
The Tragically Hip
-World Container-
The Vote for Change Concert 
Rock 'n' Roll Heaven 

October 16th
The Weakerthans
-Reunion Tour-
The Yayhoos
-Put The Hammer Down-
"Then Perreault Said to Rico…"
-The Best Buffalo Sabres Stories Ever Told-
By Paul Wieland
This Is Now
-Here And Now-
Thursday at the Square5/31/01
Steam Donkeys

Andy Griggs
Thursday at the Square6/7/01
Urban Renewal Band

Willie & the Reinhardts

Kim Mitchell
Thursday at the Square6/14/01
Tommy Z

Jeff Healy
Tom Stahl and the Dangerfields
-King of the World-
Tom Stahl and The Dangerfields
- Most Town- 
Townes Earle, Justin
-Midnight at the Movies-
Trapper, Chris
-Til The Last Leaf Falls-
Vans Warped Tour
Darien Lake, NY 7-24-08
Vans Warped Tour
- Darien Lake, NY - 7-14-10-
Vassallo, Frank
-Simply Blues-
Verdi, David
Villalobos, Gina
-Miles Away-
Vincent, Rhonda
-All American Bluegrass Girl-
Vonne, Patricia
-Guitars & Castanets-
Wall, Wendy
-The Road to Paradise-
Gives Me The Blues -Volume 6-
On The Border-Volume 1-
Why On Earth
Williams, Colleen
-self titled-
Williams, Lucinda
-Center For The Arts-University at Buffalo Amherst, NY
Williams, Richard “Flick”
Willie and the Reinhardt’s
"Live at the Mohawk Place"
Willis, Kelly
-Translated from Love-
Wilson Nixon, Joyce
-In Flight-
Winsick, Mark
"Straight Up"
-Events Center -Seneca-Niagara Casino-
Niagara Falls, NY 7-20-07
Yellow Delicious
-Get Some!-
Zicari, Leah
"Hard Road"
Zicari, Leah
" Pretty On Thursday"
Zanes, Warren
-People That I’m Wrong For-
Zanes, Dan
"Dan Zanes and Friends

/Rocket Ship Beach"
Zanes, Dan
"Family Dance"
Zanes, Dan
"Night Time!"
Zanes and Friends, Dan
-Catch That Train!-
Zanes and Friends, Dan
-The Welcome Table! -
-Unconditional Harmony-
ZZ Top
Seneca-Niagara Casino


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