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"you want it to"
By Bob Silvestri

  Sometimes the cover art to a CD can tell a lot about the music inside. The higher the erotic image (usually female) the more likely the music is of no merit. However, in the case of nancyscandy you want it to, the seductive cover image is just a tease to lure you into the real treat inside - the music.
     Kicking off with This Time a tasty cut in the Lone Justice/REM style with rocking guitar riffs, harmonies and soaring solos. By the second track, Breaks My Heart, I was hooked. Vocalist Mai Lein Walters gives just enough longing and hurt in her delivery to cut through to your own emotions. Guitarist, producer and writer Dean Gionis gets a nasty little riff going on Miss It (Zoe & Ed) as bassist Scott Freilich, Michael Christiano on drums and Bob Maulucci on additional guitars give this a nice Hip/Universal Honey workout. The band rarely misses the mark. Something continues with more of the same great guitar and vocals on this tale of love. Things slow down a bit for Rebel Soul with some nice intertwined flute playing from Walters and more lush harmonies and guitar textures from Gionis.
     A fine foil to each other, Gionis and Walters are a perfect fit. His crafty song writing and guitar work with her very pretty vocals are a sweet delight. They continue right through till the last cut Strange City. Another nice rocker in the Lucinda Williams/Gurf Morlix mold.
nancyscandy is a very sweet confection. This recording again shows the talent and professionalism of the local music scene. We need to support bands like nancyscandy and the many others working so hard to get their music heard. This is defiantly one very deserving band. Iíll say it again so you remember the name - nancyscandy.
     The band is now hard at work on their next CD.  In the meantime visit their Website at www.nancyscandy.com.

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