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Acoustically Insane 
"The Best Of Times"
By Bob Silvestri

     The advent of computers and the affordability of home recording units has allowed many a talented performer to bypass the record company weasels and make their own music. The ability to perform, produce and distribute one’s own music has been a plus to bands like Acoustically Insane. On their release Best Of Times, the band consisting of Michael Skowronski, Robert Van Houten and Michael Buntich all on acoustic guitars, give you the feel of a live performance among friends.
     Heartfelt and passionate throughout the disc, the trio hits a nerve with some true tales dealing with everyone’s dreams and emotions. Whether the hopeful message of Spread Your Wings or Sometimes I Wonder or the cynical musings of Out Of Time the band easily gets its point across.
     A fine effort all around, the music is best suited for  those quiet introspective  times or to just hear great triple acoustic guitar playing from these gifted players.

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