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Cowboy Junkies
-Sphere Entertainment Complex- 
Buffalo, NY- 9-17-04
Concert Review By Bob Silvestri

Cowboy Junkies played Sphere Entertainment Complex on September 17th as part of the Curtain Up! Celebration. The band was in top form for this last night of their tour but the same could not be said of the rude crowd. Music such as Cowboy Junkies, quiet, atmospheric and melancholy, requires a quiet room for the most dramatic results and to allow the performer to interpret their art. However by the bands second set the alcohol appeared to take effect on some causing them to think they were the show, with loud conversations and laughing much to the disdain of their neighbors. Folks, if you want to go out, laugh, drink and discuss your love life, don’t go to a concert! Go to a bar that caters to that and allow those of us who actually came to hear the music do just that. Now that I’m done pontificating, on to the review.
  With the stage set like a comfortable living room with chairs, rugs, roses in vases and even a mug of tea, the band casually strolled out unannounced and took their chairs. Guitarist Michael Timmons began to strum the opening notes to Neil Young’s classic Powderfinger as his sister Margo began to sing in her hushed monochromatic voice. The opening acoustic set was superb and featured selections such as “Horse In The Country”, the unreleased song “Cold Evening Wind” and “The Slide”. Joining Margo and Michael Timmons on stage for the acoustic set were accordionist Jaro Czerwinec and Jeff Bird on mandolins and harmonica. The full band, now including brother drummer Peter Timmons and Alan Alton on bass, returned after a short break and played a rousing set including a blistering “One Soul Now” the title track from their latest CD and “Simon Keeper” also from their new disc. Other outstanding songs played from the second set include “Pale Sun”, “200 More Miles “, “Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning” and an encore of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane”. For more information about Cowboy Junkies go to www.cowboyjunkies.com.

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