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Cd Review
"A Million Dollars"
ByBob Silvestri

   Trying to keep the world safe for rock íní roll is Hastings.
Back with their second CD titled A Million Dollars, the band consisting of Tom Hastings (vocals), Randy Barnard (guitars), Shane Davis(bass/keyboards), Kevin Walgate (drums) and the since departed from the band Brian Best (guitars), continues to perform throughout the WNY area. A Million Dollars finds the band much more focused and mature in their playing and writing this time around.
     Ready for radio play tracks include Bang The Pipe the title track and Three Sides To Every Story. Three Sides Ö guests Diane Kallay  (Urban Renewal, Kinship) on vocals for a sassy call and response duet with Tom Hastings about the pitfalls of relationships. A clever and perhaps too truthful take on those things. Perhaps the band should try moving this track as a single. It is that good a song in my opinion. Check out their Website for CDs and upcoming dates at www.hastingsband.com.

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