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CD Review
davey O.
By Bob Silvestri

      Local artist davey O. has released a fine new CD titled reflect. Playing and writing all the material in a REM or Soul Asylum style of acoustic rock, reflect is a nice slice of homegrown music.
        The CD begins with the nostalgic sound of a needle on a vinyl record and blends into “Miss Lonely Heart”, a nice jangly rocker. “Safety Net”, “Cry Wolf” and “The Funniest Way” all continue along this path of music styles. “Between Two Hearts” is a slower song with a catchy refrain and guitar hook. “Telling It To Me” is another song with a catchy refrain and sweet acoustic guitar interludes. Although his voice is a bit thin at times, the passion behind his music and vocal delivery make up for this minor shortcoming.
       Obviously a very talented fellow as the diversity and adeptness at the many instruments is quite evident, whether lead electric or acoustic guitars, bass or drums, his playing is on the mark.
        You can catch davey O. playing selections from reflect during October at Starbucks, 933 Elmwood Ave. on October 20th from 7 till 10 PM and at Clarence Center Coffee Co.- 9475 Clarence Center Rd. (corner of Goodrich Rd.) on October 27th from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM. You can contact davey O. at http://daveyomusic.freehosting.net or e-mail him at DAVEY3O@cs.com

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