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Jim Cuddy
-The Light That Guides You Home-
By Bob Silvestri

Jim Cuddy has always had a keen ability as a songwriter to find the perfect harmony, gorgeous melodies and to turn a phase both whimsical and heartfelt. He has grown as a songwriter from youthful optimism to a man more at ease with himself. On his latest solo disc, The Light That Guides You Home, he follows his muse on twelve tracks with his band Colin Cripps-guitar, Bazil Donovan-bass, Joel Anderson-drums, Bob Packwood-piano and Anne Lindsey-violin. Kathleen Edwards and Oh Susanna provide backing vocals on a couple of tracks as well. Highlights here and there are many include the title cut “The Light That Guides You Home”, “Pull Me Through”, the instant classic “She Gets Down”, “Falling”, “Maybe Sometime” and “Countrywide Soul”. A spry duet with Edwards on “Married Again” features some rollicking piano from Packwood. For more on Jim Cuddy and his latest The Light That Guides You Home go to www.jimcuddy.com

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