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CD Review
Raw Intelligence
by Bob Silvestri

   Buffalo Music Award winners and rap impresarios Andre Howard along with Edreys Wajed and Trevor Drayton have put it all together for the release of their latest project “Raw Intelligence”.
   The twelve cut CD eschews the negative wasteland of most current hip-hop/rap music, Raw Intel instead has managed to keep a positive vibe with lyrical content about treating the ladies right, core family values and being a positive society member. The braggadocio of urban music is still present but they diss the posers, losers and those who are a negative to the African American experience.
   A good example would be the discs strongest track, “Discipline” with it’s great lyric/rap “Rapping ain’t your field, you took the wrong trade”. Other bomb tracks are “Lady” a soulful take on a special someone, “Ms. Rapture”, “Can’t Go Wrong” and “Like Smak” another outstanding cut.
   This is probably the best urban music to hit Buffalo since the days of Joe Public. Check out www.rawintelcrew.com for more information, you owe it to yourself.

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