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Sudden Urge
"Channel Surfer"
By Bob Silvestri

 Channel Surfer is from Sudden Urge Led by Jeannine Gicewicz vocals with Steve Petix on drums, Kevin Ridder on keyboards, Robert Burgio on guitar and vocals and Tom Mangione on bass and vocals. Dave Schulz of C.O. Jones and Goo Goo Dolls fame joins on keyboards for a couple tracks. All of the band members helped in the writing and arranging of these well rounded songs. The CD has a classic rock feel and would appeal to both an alternative and a more mature audience. The strong point is the vocals of Gicewicz.  A deep husky voice that paints a picture of tender yet strong. Highlights are Hearts Donít Matter with itís almost disco riff, Whatís Your Sign? with some cool keyboard fills from Dave Schulz, Do It In The Rain with a sexy come-on vocal by Gicewicz and the stellar Get Away. Get Away, is a sweet confection if ever there was one. This is a perfect top down goiní crusiní song with an instantly catchy refrain. On this Gicewicz and Burgio trade vocals with very nice results. My only complaint is the remix of Get Away at the end of the disc. In my opinion the remix is not needed  nor improves anything from the original. Perhaps another original could have replaced this.

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