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Last Conservative
-On To The Next One-
By Bob Silvestri

Last Conservative has released a new CD on Good Charamel Records titled On To The Next One. Longtime regulars on the local scene the band has always featured T. J. Zindle (guitar and vocals) with a constantly revolving cast of musicians. For On To The Next One, Zindle is backed by David Julian (guitar), Mike Zeis (bass) and Tom McClusky (drums). Produced by Robbie Takac the thirteen tracks are tight melodic rock songs, well written and performed. “Can’t Get Away From You” and “Anything But Goodbye” are the best example of this. The Celtic kick of “Irish” and the primal sounds of the title track “On To The Next One” are keepers as are “I Know You Know I Know” and “Keep Your Promises”. For more on Last Conservative and their new release On To The Next One go to www.lastconservative.com or www.goodcharamel.com

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