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LeeRon Zydeco
"Raw Roots - LeeRon Live"
by Bob Silvestri

     LeeRon Zydeco and the Red Hot Tamales have a CD titled “Raw Roots - LeeRon Live”. The band plays a mix of zydeco, Cajun, blues, country and rock to form a delightful gumbo of sound. The CD starts with the authentic sound of New Orleans on the cuts “Hey La Ba” and “Iko, Iko”, both traditional style bayou music. The band then slides into the comfortable blues shuffle of Clifton Chenier’s “Don’t Lie To Me”. They also tackle Fat Domino’s “I’m Walkin’” (with fine rub board solo from Augie Russo) and Joe Turner’s  “Baby Please Don’t Go”. They get the party spirit going on Anos Milburn’s “Mister Jellyroll” and invoke the Bo Diddley beat on “She’s A Woman”. Also of mention are the traditional zydeco sounds of “Yellow Pocahontas” and “J’ai Passé Devant Ta Porte”. On “J’ai Passé” violin and squeezebox intertwines on the melody and Ron Davis AKA Lee Ron sings in a lusty French/Creole vocal. Toot Sweet! Davis and Ted Lambert also team up to pen their own spicy treat, “Zydegrass”.
     Lending top-notch support to this are Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry, Augie Russo, Christopher Haug, Sandy Konikoff, Ernie Corallo, Ted Lambert and Jack Hackworth, all seasoned veterans. The CD was recorded live at Audio Magic Studios by Marty Peters and was mastered by John Dieckman. 
     A great CD, Lee Ron and the Hot Tamales are an authentic slice of New Orleans right in our own backyard. Check out their web site for info on the band and to purchase CD’s. www.leeron.com

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