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CD Review
“Notes from the Underground”
By Bob Silvestri

   YO! Attention all members of the Buffalo hip-hop scene, Pseudo Intellectuals and Catastrophic Minds has joined forces to release The Cinemaddicts “Notes From The Underground”. The Cinemaddicts are made up of No Composition and Pastime from The Catastrophic Minds and Tone Atlas, DJ Cutler and Nick Zero from The Pseudo Intellectuals. Special guests include Emcee Sick from Baby Steps fame, X-Now, Ajento and Midnite Gremlin. Tone Atlas, Pastime and T1X handled production duties.
   The fourteen track CD kicks off with “Renaissance” an Eminem sounding track with clean beats and Tone Atlas laying down his thing. “The Avenues” with it’s keyboard sample/riff over the rhyme and great group vocals on the chorus. “Playing God” has a real jazz sound with its acoustic piano over hip-hop drums and rhymes. “Manifest Destiny” starts with a sample of the hilarious Richard Pryor routine about boxer Leon Spinks “I ain’t got no teefers/Freakey Deakey” before the group shares their vision of destiny.
   The spoken word helium voiced “Suburban Terrorists” disses The Cinemaddicts own Tone Atlas. “Gremlin (intermission)” with its funky groove is a CD highlight although I did take exception to the cheap shot reference to the late Dale Earnhardt. “Vegetarian Beef” sounds like Beck’s “New Revolution” with more samples and electronic effects. Other highlights include “My Head Hurts”, “X-Now” and “1/4 Life Crisis” and stay listening for the hidden bonus track.
   The Cinemaddicts have released a CD that shows the vibrancy and talent of the Buffalo hip-hop scene. For more on The Cinemaddicts go to www.deepthinka.com

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