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Greg Klyma
"In the Meantime"
by Bob Silvestri

    Tireless troubadour Greg Klyma has a new CD out titled “In The Meantime”. Imagined as a full band record, Klyma instead found the beauty in the simplicity of these stripped down versions. The ten songs deliver an emotional punch in their honesty. Klyma still believes in the power of music to deliver a message, whether love, politics or personal causes. This puts his songwriting on par with Springsteen, Woody Guthrie, Steve Earle and Bob Dylan. Some heady company that I’m quite comfortable including him in. 
    The CD starts with the track “World Of Love” as Klyma’s warm comfortable vocal seeks the unconditional love we find in family only on a much broader scale. “How’s It Goin’” is a down home mandolin and guitar jam that celebrates the exuberance of making music. A couple of classics from Klyma’s old band Stone Church, “A Brother’s Code” and “MacGruder’s Daughter (The Life Is Good)”, both staples of his live show are included here in new versions. Both warrant their inclusion on the disc.
    “Human, Like You” deals with the ignorance of people who still harbor hate for others. As Klyma writes in the liner notes “It’s our differences that define us.” This is the discs strongest track both lyrically and musically. Many in the world need to heed this message now. “Ghost Like Radio”, another outstanding track, captures Springsteen’s “Nebraska” period. John Brady adds some fine guitar on this track.
     Others helping Klyma on “In The Meantime” in addition to Brady, who also sat in as recording engineer, are Dan Sunday and the esteemed Marc Hunt who recorded a few tracks and mixing engineer Doug White. 
     Klyma’s decision to release “In The Meantime” in this form is a blessing to all those who appreciate the lost art of singer/songwriter. Of course we’d still love to hear that full band CD dancing around in his head. 
     For more on this extraordinary artist go to www.klyma.com.

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