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Maggie Brown
-self titled-
By Bob Silvestri

After toiling in near obscurity for more than twenty years, Maggie Brown has finally released her major label debut and it was worth the wait. Her songs are a reflective, introspective interpretation of life with a heartfelt world-weary sincerity that can only come from true-life experiences. She’s not quite country, not quite rock or blues but definitely good. At times you can find Maggie Brown to be spunky, bluesy, sexy or rocking but never off of her game. “I Like It” features harp and slide guitars while “Full Moon Over Dallas” is a sadly romantic tale. The gritty sounding “ Black River Blues” and the bluesy sound of “Mosquito Net” are equally satisfying. “Hush” a delightful lullaby and the closing track “Looking Back” are gems as well.  Maggie Brown’s self-titled debut is one hell of an album. For more on this soon to be major star go to www.Maggiebrown.net

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