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 Noa Bursie
-Talk Story-
By Bob Silvestri

Music is one of the most powerful mediums ever developed. It has the ability to make you think, to bring emotion to spread a message. Noa Bursie has put all of these together on her new CD Talk Story. She claims in the liner notes “…to be searching …for her place in the world”. A place many of us will find elusive. Bursie’s is definitely rooted in her music. She is bluesy, jazzy, spiritual and a passionate songbird. She has Joni Mitchell’s way with a phrase, Rickie Lee Jones’ way with a melody and is as smooth a singer as Astrid Gilberto. A compelling performer she surrounds herself with an impressive cast of fellow musicians including Ron LoCurto, Mary Ramsey, Jerry Livingston, Emile Latimer among others. Her unique musical tunings and LoCurto’s perfect guitar fills, chords and improvisation soar on the tracks “Fantasy of Love”, “Aftermath/Thin Line” and “What I Ever Saw In You”. Bursie rocks out on “You Better Tell Me’, gets her feel good groove on with “Twiss L’il Sister” and shows her acappella chops on “The Clouds Are Full Of Rain”. “Tea With Geraldo” and “Just Helen” are worth mentioning as well. Her sound is captured beautifully with excellent production by Bursie and studio help with Michael Rorick at Audio Magic Studios. You can check out Noa Bursie’s new CD Talk Story on line at www.noabursie.com

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