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"Pair O' Doc's"
by Bob Silvestri

    One of Buffalo’s best all time bands McCarthyizm has released it’s fourth CD titled “Pair O”Docs” that again proves just how talented these guys are. 
     The seven song CD kicks off with the glorious guitar riff of “All Night”, a rocker in the vein of the Tragically Hip. “The Great Escape” has a country-alternative sound with a guitar sound right out of the Byrds/REM catalog. The rollicking drums and bass on this one add just the right backup sound. “Into Forever” sounds like the James Gang doing “Magic Carpet Ride”. The title track “Pair O’Docs” is a straight out rocker from the Cheap Trick school of power pop and has a guitar riff reminiscent of some caped crusader TV show. 
     The band, Joe McCarthy (guitar/vocals), Paul Ceppaglia (guitars), Dan Janek (guitar), Michael Swain (bass), Tom Brown (drums) and Paul Zablotski (keyboards) revels in the Beatlesque sound of “Reveal My Skin”. Mention to the choice guitar solo on “Reveal...” only I don’t know if it’s Janek or Ceppaglia, either way this is my favorite track on the CD.
     “Walk In The Woods” is another rocker with more scorching guitars and melodic hooks and the last cut “Mt. St. Michel” features Michael Meldrum from the Buffalo Song Project with some tasty mandolin playing. Others lending support recording, mixing and mastering are Armand Petri (known for his work with the Goos and more), Alan Deusell and David St. Onge who also worked on the latest CD from the band In From The Cold. 
    I often complain of the brevity of CD’s (like this one), but I guess that only makes for stronger CD’s (again like this one) with less filler on them. This is a great effort. Well done. For more on McCarthyizm go to www.mccarthyizm.com.

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