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Rob Falgiano
“Things I Used To Know”
By Bob Silvestri

Buffalo Recording Artist    Rob Falgiano should be a household name. He makes incredibly enjoyable music without the huge financial success afforded lesser talents. While MTV and Nashville continue to turn out cookie cutter “artists”, Falgiano turns out one incredible CD after another. 
    His last release Get Sweet For You, under his now defunct band The Contortionists (which is included here as a bonus disc), is hands down one of my all time favorite recordings. 
    His latest release, Things I Used To Know, is a companion piece to that disc while exploring new territory. His ability to craft lyrics and melodies allows the music to go from haunting to joyful, tortured to playful and from hopelessness to hopeful with insight, cleverness and a heart on your sleeve view that’s dead on. Even the title senses a maturity and realization that carries the disc. 
    The CD starts with the slow gradual intensity of “Burning Sun”. The building drama of the song is spectacular and concludes in a shimmering guitar solo from Jonathon Hughes. The deliberate strumming of the acoustic guitar, the grandeur of the kick bass and cymbals, the falsetto trail off of the vocals into the end guitar solo and the way Falgiano hangs on the word “favorite” when singing the line “She’s my favorite” well I could go on and on. What an incredible song! “She’s Sweet To Me” is an awesome piece of pop confection with lots of guitar and some great banjo laced throughout the song from Charlie Quill. “Orion” features great lyrical writing and finds Falgiano metaphorically using the constellation as his grab for the big time. Mark Krurnowski adds guitar to “Orion”. “Wired” is another brilliant song. A slow starting song that builds intensity through the great use of musical dynamics. “Honey, I’m Coming” is another highlight with more strong pop sensibilities. “Adios” moves on a slinky guitar riff and funky bass lines. “Butterflies and Bumblebees” has a light lyrical melody and is enhanced by plucked acoustic guitar and accordion from Cathy Carfagna. “Casanova” again showcases Falgiano’s lyrical wit when it comes to the romance scene. On this Falgiano details how the protagonist of the song is probably the better catch than the losers who do get the girl. “Not This” hits the right chord with vibes from Rob Lynch and lap steel from Joe Rozler. Completing this masterpiece are the songs “Mouth Like Yours”, “Welcome To Our Song” and “April Again”. 
    Others helping Falgiano on Things I Used To Know include Nelson Starr, Jim Linsner, Mike Morrissey, Brandon Delmont and Mike Atherton. Rob Falgiano continues to make incredible music for himself and for us to enjoy and for that we should be grateful. For more information go to www.robfalgiano.com

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