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-Makin' Noise-
By Bob Silvestri

Makin’ Noise the new release from klear (Fred Shafer, Bruce Wojick, Leo McDonald and Denny Pelczynski) is an aptly named CD. From the industry buzz, major radio play to their live shows all over North America the band is clearly making noise. Released on Robbie Goo’s Good Charamel Records the disc was produced and mixed by Robbie himself and is close to sonic perfection. The ferocious wall of noise hits you right out of the blocks with the first track which happens to be the title track “Makin’ Noise”. On “Hooked”, Wojick gets his guitar to sound like an engine winding out before the band joins him. The closest we get to a quiet song is on “Bridge Song” where acoustic guitars are used instead of electric. Other highlights include “Picture”, “War”, “Never Said” and “It’s All On Me”. For more info on our hometown boys check out www.klearband.com and www.goodcharamel.com

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