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Alyn Syms
-The Lost Art-
By Bob Silvestri

  During the 70’s and 80’s, The Alyn Syms Group or ASG, were one of the premier bands on the WNY music scene. They seemed to play everywhere from clubs to large scale shows. Syms’ guitar prowess was legendary and his previous stint as guitarist for Rick James’ Stone City Band only added to his resume. However as the local and national music scene changed and synths and DJ’s became the rage the band broke up. After a long yet creative hiatus Alyn Syms has returned with a new CD titled The Lost Art. A conceptual piece, it allows Syms to once again showcase his guitar playing. Broken down into three parts the CD contains no vocals but is easy to visualize the music to the titles of each song and their relation to the piece. The first movement comprises a rock/funk sound akin to Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow period and features the tracks “Turn It Up Turn It Out”, “Too Hot” and the funky driving sound of “Freedom Bridge”. The second movement has a more mysterious sound with recurring melodies segued together. “Kindred Spirits”, “Variations On A Dream”,  “Dark Fire” and the acoustic lament “Into The Forest” are a few of the tracks that make up the interesting second movement. The third movement mixes styles and elements from the first two parts to conclude the disc. The epic  “Tale Of The Last Knight” and “Welcome To Sherwood” are among the third movement’s highlights. Never one to compromise to anyone, Syms continues to follow his own creative path. For more on Alyn Syms go to www.alynsyms.com

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