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Bob & Gene
-If This World Were Mine…-
By Bob Silvestri

In 1967 as Buffalo and other cities struggled with the destruction of their communities, a local factory worker William Nunn had seen enough. He made a promise to local kids in his Fruit Belt neighborhood that if they would learn to sing and perform he would record them in his home studios as a way to keep them off the mean streets. Thus was born MoDo Records. Two of these young kids Nunn helped out were his own son Bobby and his friend Eugene Coplin. As Bob & Gene they recorded a local smash hit "You Gave Me Love" and soon found themselves playing all over the area for the next four years. They released a follow up single "Somebody's Doin' It" a call for social change with a B-side cover of Marvin Gaye's "If This World Were Mine". They also intended to name their first full length release after the Gaye song. Sadly MoDo Records ran out of money before the disc was released. Fast forward to 2002. Daptone Records David Griffiths stumbles across a 45 copy of "If This World Were Mine". Intrigued he tracks down MoDo Records founder William Nunn and inquires about the long lost LP. Nunn graciously gives Griffiths the recordings but sadly passes away before its release. Now finally after almost forty years Bob & Gene's If This World Were Mine… is available on compact disc. Both of the 45 singles mentioned above are included here along with eight other tracks from the original sessions. "Gotta Find A Way", "Your Name" and the tearjerker "Don't Leave Me Girl" all standout here. This is essential stuff people both as a local historical treasure and for the influence on the countless individuals who passed thru the doors of MoDo Records. Coplin went on to become a minister who works with inmates and public schools in the area. He has won numerous community awards for his work. Bobby Nunn went on to be a successful artist, writer and producer. He has worked with The Jets and Phillip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire among others. For more on Bob & Gene and how to purchase If This World Were Mine… go to www.daptonerecords.com

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