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GR& and Rhyson Hall
-Detained At The Border-
By Bob Silvestri

Buffalo’s premier hip hop label Deep Thinka Records has dropped the latest from GR& and Rhyson Hall tilted Detained At The Border. Mixing mad beats and dope rhymes the conceptual piece simulates a trip over the Canadian border for a show in Toronto and the problems going down. Some of the guests dropping by to help include DJ Cutler, Vander, Natwheat, Covert, Pseudo Slang, Eternia and many other artists. GR& Phee and Hall hit their groove on the tracks “The Movement”, “Womens (The Good and The Bad)” and “Do You Have Anything 2 Declare?” Others include “The Late Show” that bounces on a nice piano coda, “Home Skillet” which deals with the state of the Buffalo and Toronto hip hop scene and “Yonge Stretch Interlude” which breaks things up with some levity. For more on GR& Phee and Rhyson Hall’s Detained At The Border or Deep Thinka Records go to www.deepthinka.com

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