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"Dan Zanes and Friends/ Rocket Ship Beach"
By Bob Silvestri

      Long before the recent changes brought forth to the world, Dan Zanes decided it was time to step back from the rock and roll hedonist lifestyle and get back to what’s really important-family and your kids.
     As the front man for one of the best rock bands ever, The Del Fuegos, D.Z. had seen and played them all from tours with INXS and Tom Petty and miles of club shows in between. After some solo work and work with Sheryl Crow on her “Globe Sessions” CD, D.Z. hit on a radical departure, kid’s music.  As unlikely as that may sound, it works beautifully on his new CD titled Dan Zanes and Friends/ Rocket Ship Beach. The CD is something that both kids and parents can enjoy together and is simply delightful.
     D.Z.’s sly wit is abundant in his choice of songs, stories and instruments. He blends tuba, mandolins, accordions, guitar and more together with a host of friends to compliment him. Sheryl Crow and D.Z. duet on the catchy “Polly Wolly Doodle” to start things off. Father Goose AKA Rankin’ Don does a medley of nursery rhymes in a reggae toasting style with glorious out of tune background vocals from Dan’s daughter Anna and other children. This is a real put a smile on your face song. Suzanne Vega does a nice run through of “Erie Canal” and Simon Kirke drummer from the legendary rock bands Free and Bad Company, brings his own composition “All My Friends Live In The Woods”. “All My Friends” has proven to be a winner with my kids who simply adore this cute tale.
     D.Z. adds his own touching song “Hello” (well done Dan!) with harmony vocal from Barbara Brousal. The one- two closing punch of “Sidewalks Of New York” and “Over The Rainbow” strikes just the right chord at this time as both songs touch the longing for innocence. Other bright spots are “King Kong Kitchie”, “Buckeye Jim” and the Carter Family classic “Keep On The Sunnyside”. Rocket Ship Beach Revue has been playing all over NYC and is getting lots of positive response. It’s nice way to introduce your children to some fine music made by people who truly love making music.
     The CD package is also quite novel. Shaped like a children’s story book it comes with extensive liner notes from D.Z. and great illustrations of the songs, character and players drawn by Donald Saaf
      Dan Zanes shows you can still play music that matters and is rewarding. The songs feel like the kind you would sing around the campfire or in your living round with family. And after all these are the things that really matter. Life is too precious. Show the world some love, nurture, hug and kiss your kids everyday. They are our most precious commodities. For more information go to www.festivalfive.com

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