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Diesel Doug and The Long Haul Truckers
-Mistakes were Made (a retrospective 1995-2005)-
By Bob Silvestri

During the country/alternative movement of the 90’s many a band seemed to get lost in the shuffle. One of them is Portland, Maine’s Diesel Doug and The Long Haul Truckers (Scott Link-vocals, Charlie Gaylord-guitar, Scott Conley-bass and John Davison-drums). Now here is your chance to catch up with this under rated band with their release Mistakes Were Made (a retrospective 1995-2005). Featuring all the ingredients for a hit these guys do broken hearted songs with the best of them. “Circles”, “Because Of You”, “Never Lookin’ Down” and “One Like Me” will have you crying in your beer. But the band had their silly side as well as featured in the tracks “If I’d Had Shot Her When I Met Her (I’d Be Outta Jail By Now)” and “I’d Like To Quit Drinkin” (But I Live Over A Bar)”.  A couple of dysfunctional family Christmas tunes show up here in the form of the too true “Daddy’s Drinkin’ Up Our Christmas” and “Merry Christmas From The Family”. That most neglected of jobs is paid tribute here as “My Girlfriend is A Waitress”. This is good stuff. Useless trivia moment, sci-fi writer Stephen King counts Diesel Doug and The Long Haul Truckers as one of his favorite bands. For more info check out www.dieseldoug.comor www.cornmealrecords.com

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