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Alison Pipitone
By Bob Silvestri

    Buffalo’s other Righteous Babe, Alison Pipitone, has released a new CD titled Retrodyne. Combining a Replacements on estrogen swagger and a female Jeff Tweedy songwriting perspective Pipitone has made a brilliant sounding disc. The attention grabbing “I Don’t Remember” and the driving “Sticking Real Good” starts the disc in fine fashion. The alt-country feel of the title cut “Retrodyne”, the mesmerizing “Cee Cee, Sean” and “Dancing Girls On The Tables” are standout tracks. Other tracks of note include “Long Long Ladder”, “No More This And That” and Piptone’s take on the Rose Bond penned “Dimestore Blues”. Musicians helping Pipitone on Retrodyne include Patrick Shaughnessy, Holly Christiano, Jim Whitford, J.J. Moscato, Tyler Harrington, Dave Courtemanche, Damon Pipitone, Jessica Pipitone and Pamela Ryder. A  pat on the back to David St. Onge who recorded, mixed and mastered the disc along with Pipitone producing. For more information about Retrodyne and Alison Pipitone check out www.alisonpipitone.com

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