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-Sweet Sister Vengeance-
By Bob Silvestri

  The band Darkling has been on the local Metal scene for over ten years now and has weathered numerous personal changes over the years while still remaining a force to be heard. Anchored by Chris Hannen on guitars the band now consists of Jason Russo on vocals, Scott Kent on guitars, Randy Wuest on bass and Jim Bihary on drums and has stayed together long enough to release a three song EP titled Sweet Sister Vengeance that rocks the house. “Opposition” is a loud thick slice of headbangin’ that starts the disc. “Terrorist” features a sound bite from George W. himself while “The Cage” rumbles on and features guitar runs like an overflowing bucket. Loud, concussive and propulsive Darkling’s Sweet Sister Vengeance is sure to piss off your parents and your neighbors so turn it up LOUD!  For more info check out www.suckloud.com

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