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Crimson Tyde
“Crimson Tyde”
By Bob Silvestri

    Crimson Tyde has returned with a vengeance on their new four song self-titled EP. The band, Steve Paone (vocals), James Silvaroli (guitar), Tom Trunzo (bass) and Sammy Trunzo (drums) rock hard and in your face with the first track “Break You In”. A thunderous rhythm section lays it down as Silvaroli solos and Paone growls away the lyrics. “Last Chance” finds the band exploring their “tender” roots with a hard rock ballad that never comes across as schlock as most of these attempts turn out. Soaring guitars, clear cymbals and high hat rides stand out on this one also. ”Hands Of Time” starts with a hollow drum intro that segues into a monstrous guitar jam. The last track “Silver Spoon” is another riff based head bobbing track with another great solo from Silvaroli. 
    The CD was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Fura at Border City Recording and was produced by Fura and the band. Another outstanding effort from this up and coming local band. For more info on Crimson Tyde go to http://members.tripod.com/crimsontyde

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