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The Neighbors
-Mobile Homes-
By Bob Silvestri

There are a bunch of reasons I love The Neighbors (Allen Farmelo, Tyler Harrington, Craig Voigt, Rich Coffman and Kunji Rey). They follow the creed of garage bands everywhere by playing loud and entertainingly fun music. Their live shows are some of the best around town that I’ve seen. The blatant copyright rip off on the cover of their new release is another reason and the fact that their new release is a seven inch clear vinyl only release, they alienate a whole segment of the buying public that no longer has a turntable. But the reason I love The Neighbors the most is the music.  Their new release titled Mobile Homes is a four track gem of unadulterated garage rock. Watching it spin around my turntable was thrilling enough but the music was incredible. The droning guitars of “Monotonous” and the melodious “Jack-O-Lantern” comprises side one while the angst driven “Young & Out Of Control” and “In For The Night” make up side two. Mobile Homes from The Neighbors is a great effort from one of the areas most promising bands. For more information check them out at www.theneighbors.net

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