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Rob Lynch
-Gift Songs From A Lovely, Puzzling Sea.-
CD Review - By Bob Silvestri

One of the area's finest musicians and an exhibiting artist as well Rob Lynch has released a multifaceted two disc set titled Gift Songs From A Lovely, Puzzling Sea. The music conjures up Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti styled pieces with elements of John Lennon and Jeff Tweedy. If that isn't too much for you, add a little Tom Waits and you have some fine music here. The fellow artists helping him on the disc reads like a Who's Who of local musicians including Buffalo Music Hall of Fame members Jim Whitford and Mike Meldrum, the always superb Joelle Labert, Geno McManus, JoJo Rozler, Mike Morrissey and many others. The first disc features some interesting sounds like the slinky trippy groove and distorted vocals of "Valentines of Palindromes", "Canadian Geese" and "Great News For You". Disc two seems more conceptual in nature and features the outstanding cuts "A Windy Storm", "Railroad Spikes Through Envelopes", "Souvenirs", "Oceanside and Broomsticks" and "Blue Raspberry Sugar".
The CD packaging includes extensive pieces of Lynch's artwork including a set of stickers just like your old Dark Side of the Moon album came with. For more information about the multi talented Rob Lynch and to purchase his CD and art work go to www.welcometosound.com

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