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By Bob Silvestri

Northey-Valenzuela, comprised of Jesse Valenzuela from The Gin Blossoms and Craig Northey of the Canadian band The Odds, have released a self titled disc in between duties with their other projects. The demos for these songs were hashed out over the years and were never really intended for release (except for Colin James’ version of “Something Good” a few years back). After sitting around for a while they listened to the demos again and decided to record them for release. Using a one take live method with “no machines, no click tracks and no second takes” they hammered the disc out in a little less than eight days with great results. Check out their unadulterated pop sounds on the tracks “Talk To Yourself”, “Bulletproof Jacket”, “The Little Things” and “She Belongs”. Other tracks of note include the slinky organ sound of “Halfway To Happy”, “Not A Lot Goin’ On” and “Let It Go” co- written by Buffalo music legend Gary Mallaber. For more on Northey-Valenzuela go to www.craignorthey.com or www.jessevalenzuela.com.

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