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CD Review
davey O
"the bare sessions"
By Bob Silvestri

      Veteran of the songwriter/coffee house circuit, davey O has released his second effort titled “the bare sessions”. Recorded over two days in November of 2001, the fourteen songs have a live unpolished feel, which suits them perfectly.
      “in times of courage” he wrestles with the venerability of relationships. “tuesday afternoons” has a catchy refrain that would make a good pop/rock song for full band treatment. “arrested” is a delightful love song that finds davey O sounding like a one man Simon & Garfunkel. A stand out track. “picket fence”, another outstanding track, is further enhanced by the added harmonica playing of davey O, giving it a Blue Rodeo sound. Adding harmonica to other tracks would have also been welcomed. “rust belt” is a good point of view on the decaying state of our region. “thanksgiving” a song devoted to the red headed stepchild holiday, finds our protagonist commenting on what is the same tedium and observations about all families and family gatherings.
     This fine collection of songs was produced by davey O and longtime collaborator, J. Winston Mikulski. You can see davey O all over town. To find out where, go to his web site at www.daveyomusic.freehosting.net

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