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CD Review
By Bob Silvestri

     For those of you out there who still like to headbang and like their music on the heavy metal side, then the new CD from Crimson Tyde titled “Sea Of Lost Souls” is for you. The band, Steve Paone (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jim Silvaroli (lead gutar/vocals), Josh Duchscherer (bass) and Sam Trunzo (drums), recorded the disc at Border City Recording with Dennis Fura doing the mixing. The eleven song CD has a G’n’R sound without the annoying vocals. Instead Paone sometimes sounds like Elvis Costello with his phrasing and deep voice. 
     The thunderous although plodding at times CD is full of whiplash inducing riffs from Salvaroli. Most of his fretwork is melodic and concise although he does get show-offy on a couple of tracks. The rhythm section supplies a steady industrial beat allowing Salvaroli numerous runs up and down the frets.
    Check out the sonic punch of “Upside Down”, the instrumental track “Cry Of The Moon Dog” (great title!) and “Wall Of Tears”. My favorite track was the mellower sounding “In This Life”.
    You can contact Crimson Tyde at thecrimsontyde@hotmail.com

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