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Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
-No More Beautiful World- 
By Bob Silvestri

Since his days as leader of The Refreshments a band who scored major hits with the songs "Banditos" and "Down Together" as well as the theme song to the television show King of the Hill, Roger Clyne has ruminated about the Arizona landscapes he calls home. On his latest release Roger Clyne &The Peacemakers-No More Beautiful World he mixes those Arizona themes with healthy doses of Americana and Tex-Mex music along with a little Reggae rhythm, some political commentary and a couple of cold ones for a tasty concoction. The Reggae rhythms show up on "Bottom of the Bay", "World Ain't Gone Crazy", "Winter In Your Heart" and "Hourglass". Political commentary is the subject on "Wake Up Call", "Noisy Head" and "Goon Squad". The track "Contraband" deals with the border drug smuggling operations and "Lemons" has that Tex-Mex feel. Clyne makes like Van Morrison and croons his way thru the soulful "Junebug in July". The disc also includes a bonus ninety minute DVD that features interviews, candid moments with the band and concert footage. For more on Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers check out www.azpeacemakers.com

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