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Davey O
-The Long Way Home-

CD Review - By Bob Silvestri

It has been interesting to say the least to see Davey O grow into one of the areas most consistent and outstanding artists. His growth can be charted over the course of his first four albums from simple folksinger to well rounded artist versed in many forms of music. His songwriting has taken him to the top of the field in this regard and he regularly plays with some of the areas other top talents many who help him on his newest release The Long Way Home. He still retains those folksinger roots but shows influence from groups such as Wilco, The Band and Blue Rodeo. His earlier work often featured just him and a guitar along with help from frequent collaborator Jeffery Mikulski. On The Long Way Home Davey O gets help from Jim Palys on drums along with Mikulski on guitar, mandolin, dobro and E-Bow. Guests include Buffalo Music Hall of Fame members Geoff Perry and Joe Rozler who add fiddle and keyboards to the tracks "Niagara" and "You Won't Believe" respectively. Dee Adams and Noa Bursie stop by to add sweet harmony vocals to a couple of tracks and Bruce Wojick adds some fine banjo and guitar to the track "You Won't Believe". Outstanding cuts on The Long Way Home include the a fore mentioned "You Won't Believe", "The Deed is Done" the laid back "No Use" and the title cut. Go to www.myspace.com/daveyomusic for more information about the very talented Davey O.


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