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-Ghosts Of Dust And Tar-
By Bob Silvestri

  Opaline is a band consisting of Alex Lynne (vocals), Jonathan Hughes (bass, keyboards, guitars and programming) and David Mussen (acoustic guitar) with a sound that strips away the layers of predictability smothering music today. Using the simplest form of musical expression, namely good songs and musicianship, the CD is adventurous, refreshing and comfortable in its sound. Lynne’s vocals provide a musical seam that ties the songs together and keeps the listener’s attention. The mesmerizing “Payne County” stands out as do the tracks “Come On Down” and “Loretta Mae” with their intense guitar parts. Other highlights include “Jolene” and the mysterious “Ashford Hollow”. An outstanding bonus track “Lover’s Prayer” is included, somewhat as an after thought according to the liner notes, and is worthy of inclusion to this collection of songs. Other artists assisting Opaline on Ghosts Of Dust And Tar include Joelle Labert, Jim Whitford, Naryan Padmanabha, John Senall, Jeffry Braun and Guillermo Izquierdo. A very nice piece of music, you can find out more about Opaline and how to purchase Ghosts Of Dust And Tar at www.opalinemusic.com

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