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The Weakerthans
-Reunion Tour-
CD Review - By Bob Silvestri

One of Canada's finest bands and the pride of Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Weakerthans have returned with a new CD titled Reunion Tour. The band features cerebral stream of conscious lyrics that can be heartfelt and clever from John K. Samson, concise guitar lines from Stephen Carroll and the tight rhythm section of bassist Greg Smith and drummer Jason Tait. Outstanding tracks include "Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure" a subject from their previous disc Reconstruction Site, "Tournament of Hearts" and "Sun in an Empty Room". Best cut on the disc and the one sure to have all Canadians and hockey fans worth a salt to get misty eyed is "Elegy for Gump Worsley". Google him if you don't know who he is. For more on The Weakerthans and their new disc Reunion Tour go to www.theweakerthans.org

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