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 Blues Traveler
By Bob Silvestri

After a brief hiatus Blues Traveler has returned with a new CD titled Bastardos! The band still features their classic jam band style with John Popper’s vocals and Chan Kinchla’s guitar work but this time there are augmented by producer and guest guitarist Jay Bennett. Bennett is best known for his work with his ex band Wilco. He uses some of the same ambient noise, musical crescendos and instrumentation that he employed on Wilco’s masterpiece Yankee Hotel Foxtrot to bring fresh ideas to Blues Traveler. This is notable on the track “Can’t Win True Love” with its layers of horns, organ and keyboards. Other highlights here include “She and I”, “You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me” and “Rubberneck” which features Popper’s signature harmonica playing. A welcome return to the music scene you can find out more about Blues Traveler and their latest, Bastardos, by going to www.bluestraveler.com

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