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girlpope VS. Bobo 
"The International Battle of the Century"
by Bob Silvestri

     Many epic battles in history have been documented, Ali/Frazier, Leonard/Duran, Nixon and the Washington Post. Now along comes another great battle, billed as “The International Battle of the Century”, the new CD, girlpope VS. Bobo. 
     Recorded live at the legendary Mohawk Place in November 2000, the CD features each band hammering out their material with reckless Buffalo's bestabandon. This is evident as the Cd starts with Jimmer Phillips from Bobo saying “That’s not too professional” to the delightful sound of feedback. After that it’s a full assault of Jimmer’s maniacal rantings, which earned the CD a friendly “Parental Advisory” label for “Explicit  Jimmer”. The rest of the band (Pat Shaughnessy - drums, Frank Sterlace - guitar and Marc Hunt - bass) adds power to tracks like “You’re A Pig”, “Wouldn’t It Be A Dream” and “She Don’t Like Me”.
     The other half of the CD is devoted to girlpope’s brand of sweet power pop. Marc Norris(guitar and vocals) delivers an impassioned “Indy 500” to start the set. Their ability to transcend  the moment is evident as they effortlessly play a
raw but polished set. You can almost feel the sweat and close quarters of the Hawk as Norris and the rest of the band(Rich Campagna - bass, Tom “The Kid” Stanford - guitar/keyboards and Brandon Delmont - drums) rip through originals and cover tunes with an unrelenting pace. Highlights include “So Far As Now”, “S’Lonely” and a cover of the Sweet classic “Fox On The Run”.
      This is one local CD that is sure to be a classic in years to come. Mention must be made to the esteemed Marc Hunt who mixed and recorded the CD. His work with local music is legendary. He has since left the area for Florida and a new job. Credit also to Pete Perrone owner of Mohawk Place for making the CD possible and his guidance and dedication to local music.
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