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Downchild Blues Band
CD Review - By Bob Silvestri

Toronto's Downchild Blues Band has been spreading the gospel of the blues since 1969. On this live set from 1971 at Rochdale College in Toronto the sound is surprisingly good considering its age and the two track eight channel mixing board used to make the recording. Downchild was a major influence on Dan Ackroyd a fellow resident of Ontario and founder of The Blues Brothers along with the late John Belushi from their legendary Saturday Night Live days. Highlights include "Messin' with the Kid" (later covered by The Blues Brothers), "Just A Little Bit " written by the late great Roscoe Gordon, Jimmy Reed's "Down In Virginia" and Taj Mahal's "Change My Way Of Livin'". Also a couple of Donnie Walsh penned tunes "I'm Sinkin'" and "Rock It". While the CD is a scant thirty eight minutes long this one is all thriller and no filler. Check out www.downchild.com for more information.

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