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"The Whole Scene Going"
By Bob Silvestri

   Without trying to sound like too much of a suck-up, all I
can say about the  latest release from local favorites girlpope - The Whole Scene Going - is that it is a pure power pop
   With a sound influenced  by many but still their own, girlpope roars through all eight tracks  at a fever pitch. From the first track , “Indy 500” , to the last, “Too Much” the battery of drummer Brandon Delmont and bassist Rich Campagna  provide a relentless assault. Guitarist Mark Norris’ lyrics and wounded-heart vocals shine throughout.
Girlpope    Highlights include the  shagadelic sounds of “Real Whigged Out”. The buzz guitars on “The Rich Ones Start” with a great  little ending. And “Jive By” with it’s chorus of “Oh La La’s” that just sticks in your head all day. But the true gem of the record is “So Far As Now”. From the opening drum shots right through all three minutes and thiry-nine seconds till the end, this is by far the best track on the disc. The true high point is when the organ slowly begins to build during the bridge and just  explodes to a solo that propels the song into maximum overdrive.
     With  a case full of hook laden  and  melodic songs, many Buffalo music  awards and accolades and airplay all over the world (yes, the world) , girlpope  is a band not to be overlooked.

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