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Stacy Clark  "Movement”
- CD Review
By Bob Silvestri

With a voice as light as cotton candy and just as sweet “Movement” the new CD from Stacy Clark is delightful. With a bright airy feel the five song EP showcases Clark’s vocals and songwriting. The songs are popish but with an alt/garage rock sound. “I Understand” meshes acoustic and heavy electric guitar power chords for a slice of pop confection. “NY To California” is an up tempo rocker with guitar and crashing cymbals. “Too Good To Be True” is a slower
song with lush harmonies and dynamic tempo changes. “No Communication” is another rocker melding Clark’s smooth vocals with distorted loud guitars. “Maybe” is the highlight of the CD, a simple ballad best showing Clark’s singing ability. Her phrasing and diction are perfect for this tale of broken hearts and hurt lovers. For more on Stacy Clark check out www.stacyclark.net

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