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By Bob Silvestri

     I met Dave Schmeidler many years ago thru a mutual friend and guitar player, Paul Miller. I had seen and heard some of Schmeidler’s work from his days with Hoagie and The Blues Bombers and thought he was and okay guitarist but not much more. After Paul Miller passed away, I didn’t hear or see much of Schmeidler. Well I guess in that time he must have studied and practiced mighty hard as the effort on his new CD shows.
      On this his second Skyrats-Scraps release he pulls out all the stops with some adventurous fretwork. Playing in an Eric Johnson/Robben Ford style, Schmeidler shows off his adept skills on tracks like “Blues For Sonny”, “The Geek Sheik” and “ARGHHH”. He even makes like Zappa and the Mothers on “Morontyme”.
      Helping out Schmeidler on various instruments are Bill Ludwig, Al Hury, Fred Faller, Jim Wynne, Pat O’Connell and Fred Barry Levenson. A well-rounded effort with some incredible playing and jamming among the artists, the only complaint is that the CD is a mere thirty seven minutes long. 
      You can catch Schmeidler around town on his regular gig with The Buddy Hines Band or get more information at www.daveschmeidler.com

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