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Chris Cannon
-Suitcase Funeral-
By Bob Silvestri

Cynics and fans of dark humor rejoice Chris Cannon has made the perfect CD titled Suitcase Funeral. From the title of the CD to the hearse on the cover to the thematically titled songs, Cannon has produced a disc that is very entertaining while dealing in some bleak subject matter about life’s trial and tribulations. Cannon’s gruff vocal delivery is a cross between Leon Redbone and Tom Waits done over a Country/Delta Blues guitar. Despair abounds on the tracks “Ain’t Life Grand” and “Some People Call It Living” with the lyric “some people call it living, but it feels more like its killing me”
“Morticians Blues” is a great example of more dark humor from Cannon about the funeral business. The lonesome harmonica and shuffle beat  tugs the heartstrings on “Homesick” and the traveling music sounds of “Trainful Of Trouble” finds our storyteller with “a bipolar girl named Lucy, a drunk pit bull and an AK-47” among other troubles. The title track “Suitcase Funeral” wraps up the CD and deals with getting rid of the demons that encroach on our lives. Cannon handled most of the instruments on the disc with help from Dave Verdi who plays slide guitar on the track “Here We Go Again” and lead guitar on “What’s It Matter To You”. Lyrically and musically stunning, Suitcase Funeral by Chris Cannon is a model of perfection. For more information check out www.chriscannonmusic.com

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