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 Eric Herman and the Invisible Band
-Monkey Business-
By Bob Silvestri

Eric Herman and The Invisible Band have released a new CD titled Monkey Business. The disc is a delightful package of creative children’s music that will not annoy the grown ups like that certain purple dinosaur has the tendency to do. Instead we find outstanding instrumentation, cleaver lyrics and catchy melodies to ponder. Eric Herman is the doppelganger for renowned musician/writer Eric Endres. His wife Rose helped produce the disc while “Invisible Jill”, “Invisible Dave”, “Invisible Keith” and “Invisible Pete” help “Visible Eric” in the band. Titles include “In The Box” about picking up your toys, “Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard”, “Picture Day” dealing with the emotional trauma kids go through on school picture day and the simple pleasure of the closing track “Rest Easy Now”. The faux commercial, “Prune Juice” mid disc break up the music and adds a snicker for both children and adults. The Invisible Band is available to perform at any of your special events. For more information about Eric Herman and The Invisible Band go to www.EricHermanMusic.com

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