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CD Review
Sue Switzer
“Cuckoo Spit & Oz”
By Bob Silvestri

Sue Switzer has released a new CD titled “Cuckoo Spit & Oz”. Switzer performs the mostly acoustic tunes with help from Debbie Ritch on bass, Jackie Lobuglio also on bass, Dave Goddard on slide guitar, Ray Szplyman on accordion and Cass Postek on drums. Most of the songs have a sound in line with Joni Mitchell although Switzer’s voice sometimes takes on a bluesy gravelly sound very similar to Rory Block or Bonnie Raitt. 

“Can You Feel Me?” starts the CD with a lightly picked guitar sound and Switzer’s distinct vocals. “Your Baby” has a down home sounding harmonica and slide guitar from Goddard and is one of the most pleasing tracks on the CD. “Waiting For Godot” is a faster electric number and the only song to feature drums on it. “Middle Of The Night” is a great song and features the incomparable Jackie Lobuglio on bass. Lobuglio also shows up on a couple of other great songs on the disc. One is the bluesy “Pick ‘n Chose” about the mating and selection process and “Milk Maid Blues” which features a tasty guitar intro from Ritch. The title track, “Cuckoo Spit & Oz”, is a pleasant love song with tender lyrics like these:

                           “In my guarded anticipation
                            of the impending kiss
                            In my wild imagination
                            no love could ever be like this”

The CD closes with the only song not penned by Switzer, “Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream” by Ed McCurdy a timely anti-war, no, a peace positive message and worthy addition to the disc.

For more information on Sue Switzer and to purchase “Cuckoo Spit & Oz” e-mail her at Zanucan@aol.com

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