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Sean Lennon
-Tralf Music Hall-
By Bob Silvestri

A full house turned out at the Tralf Music Hall on April 15th to see for themselves the world’s most famous son Sean Lennon. I’m sure quite a few if not most of the audience had never heard any of his music. And a few may have thought he might even do some of his father’s material. He didn’t. It’s hard to resist comparing him to John. Familiar facial features and similar vocal inflections and musical phrasings are evident but his music veers more to Radiohead and Pink Floyd than pop or The Beatles. Very disarming and comfortable on stage and with who he is he managed an anecdote about his mom and dad without making a big deal of them or syrupy sentimentality. Lennon played an acoustic guitar for most of the evening but rocked out on electric guitar for a couple of songs and showed an uncanny ability with melodic runs up and down the frets along with well thought out concise solos. He took the stage unannounced and quickly commented about the strains of electronica music emulating from Club Marcella’s drag show downstairs. He mentioned his “good friend” and Buffalo native Vincent Gallo and that he had spent the afternoon record shopping and strolling thru Allentown before the show. But the music is where Lennon did his real talking. The set included “Dead Meat”, “Parachute”, “Smoke & Mirrors”, “Headlights”, “On Again Off Again” and “Falling Out Of Love” among others. A razor sharp version of Marc Bolan’s “Would I Be The One” featuring Lennon on electric guitar was the evening’s highlight. Opening the show was another artist with a set of famous parents. Kamila Thompson who is the daughter of revered English folk artists Richard and Linda Thompson offered acoustic songs similar in nature to her parent’s work and a biting sarcasm obviously inherited from her father. She also mentioned that she once had a boyfriend from Buffalo but would leave that story untold. Woman and Children a band from NYC played the middle slot and offered a Neil Young dirge rock sound that became monotonous until Lennon and Thompson joined them for a couple of songs. For more upcoming shows at The Tralf visit www.tralfmusichall.com

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