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CD Review
Junction Five
By Bob Silvestri

Good music. Almost a redundant term these days given the bleak landscape that is offered us by the corporate music machine. But there is hope. Junction Five (John Fernandez, Tom Fox, Donnie Mercurio and Aaron Conn) has a new release titled  MissionGloryAlphaVader. This is not jam, rock, alternative, jazz, techno or whatever, just good music, well constructed and well played.

“Cannonball” the lead off track starts with a chunky guitar riff before the band kicks in and follows a synth riff into a massive hook filled refrain. “Quit My Job” echoes the thoughts of every working man and woman and up and coming band. The dreamy “Sugar Cane Alley” is one of, if not, the best cut on the disc. Its atmospheric sounds and lyrics, with shades of Temple of The Dog, are perfect ear candy.”D112” starts with a soul groove keyboard intro that repeats throughout the song, the soul jazz mid break is also intoxicating. “Flex the Wonderboy” has a darker hard edge sound. “Coming Down”, another great song, features a nice intro of drums, congas and a wah-wah guitar and treads into a jazz/rock/psychedelic sound. “Driving Home” a brooding number that sounds like the Jayhawks has a lopping bass sound and a steady snare rim shot holding down the rhythm. “Driving Home” is another first rate song. Rounding out the disc are “The Crush” a rocking number, “Wooden Eyes” and “Limbo”.

Good music is the way to describe MissionGloryAlphaVader by Junction Five. For more on the band go to www.junctionfive.com

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