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-Cold December-
By Bob Silvestri

After a brief hiatus, Hastings (Tom Hastings-vocals, Mike Conley-guitars, Brian Best-guitars, Randy Barnard-guitars, Shane Davis-bass and Kevin Walgate-drums) have released a new CD titled Cold December. The disc was recorded at Chameleon West Studios under the watchful knob turning of Allen Farmelo who also added guitar and backing vocals on a couple of tracks. While some of the songs here were recorded for other releases, they have been rearranged, for the better in most cases, and benefited from the professional set up at Chameleon West Studios. The bands beer drinking blue collar ethic is evident on the tracks “Million Dollars”, “Be My Own Man”, “Honest Man” and “Into You Tonight”. It’s not all anthems and pathos as the bands fun side comes into focus on “(I want to sleep with) Madonna” and “Too Dazed, Gone”. For more on Hastings check out www.thehastingsband.com.

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