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CD Review
Christopher Cannon
“Halos of Smoke”
By Bob Silvestri

Top Hat Records has a couple of amazing releases to tell you about. First up is Christopher Cannon and his CD titled Halos Of Smoke. Halos Of Smoke is a nine-song mix of acoustic and electric blues with a Tom Waits/David Wilcox sound. Although no liner notes are included, making it difficult to credit those who played on this great sounding disc, lyrics are printed in the jacket.

The CD starts with the cinematic sounding track “Calamity” with Cannon’s growling vocal delivery, walking bass and twinkling piano it hints at the trouble expressed by the title. “Drifter’s Lullaby” is an acoustic blues number about having to leave behind a loved one and the promises made to them upon your return. “Midnight Dogs” rocks out like CCR or electric Dylan and features a nice female harmony vocal and scorching guitar solo ala Mark Knopfler and is an outstanding track. “Take A Chance On Me”; a classic slide blues track is another standout number. “Slipping Away” starts with a flat bottom drum sound and again features outstanding guitar throughout the song. “Long As You’re Good To Me”, another cinematic sounding piece features Cannon singing to bass and piano accompaniment, turns into a tender love song. “Raining Blues” a great acoustic blues number with more impressive guitar playing is the perfect CD closer. For more info go to www.tophatrecords.com

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