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Leah Zicari
- Pretty On Thursday-
By Bob Silvestri

  While some may call her a folk artist, Leah Zicari is much more than that. As much influenced by Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco as well as Jewell and Sheryl Crow she is more than a one-dimensional girl (woman) and her guitar. Her new release, Pretty On Thursday, finds her more focused, more polished and lyrically concise than previous efforts. The CD kicks off with “This Is Me” a song about a former lover who won’t accept the person for their virtues and faults but wants them to change to their idea of perfect. “Thursday In December” is a beautiful song with a simple refreshing melody. “Kiss That Boy”, a not so tongue in cheek prideful boast, is a CD highlight.  “Deadly Sin” is another great song with an AOR friendly sound. “Tasted Like Ice Cream” provides levity as Zicari describes and compares a blissful kiss to ice cream. “I Wanna Be Wrong” is a beautiful ballad with guitar and piano accompaniment. “A Better Way” is another AOR ready track. The disc closes with the dark lovers kiss-off, “Goodbye”. Rounding out Pretty On Thursday are the tracks “So Nice”, “Spinning”, “Run” and ”I Slept Through The Morning”. Helping Zicari on Pretty On Thursday are David Rosenberg on bass, Nick Caraldo on drums, Tony Lind on electric guitars, Ian Tanner on keyboards and Andrew Horrochs on additional guitars, background vocals and programming. If you were wondering about the title, Pretty On Thursday, it comes from a quote Zicari ushered when asked why she was getting her hair styled, new outfit, etc for her first appearance at Lafayette Square for Thursday At The Square, “I guess I need to look pretty on Thursday” she said. For more information check out www.leahzicari.com 

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