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David Lindley
-The Tralf-
Buffalo, NY - March 31st, 2011

Concert Review - By Bob Silvestri

      It's a shame when a musician the caliber of David Lindley plays an intimate club date and only a couple of hundred folks show up. Those who did show up at The Tralf on March 31st, 2011 were treated to a two hour show of musical virtuosity and some humor to boot.
Lindley returned for a solo gig after a cancelled 2010 date with Jackson Browne at Shea's Performing Arts Center. Lindley is best known for his work with Browne, most notably as the singer of the falsetto part of Browne's hit "The Load Out/Stay". He has also lent his talents to recordings by Ry Cooder, Warren Zevon, Linda Ronstadt and Bruce Springsteen to name a few. Resplendent in one of his trademark Polyester shirts he sat alone on a road case hunched over his instruments. A master of all stringed instruments Lindley displayed his craft on various Lap steel guitars, a Middle Eastern oud and Turkish chumbus but never a violin, acoustic or electric guitar. At times it became redundant with its droning tones not allowing much difference between some numbers. Things picked up with Lindley's take on past experiences with backstage food titled "Cat Food Sandwiches", "Little Green Bottle" and his new favorite drug Excedrin and the middle age lament "When a Guy Gets Boobs" all preceded with a hilarious story about the inspiration for writing the songs. He was so funny this guy could have a side career as a comedian. When Lindley got serious he picked some amazing material tipping his hat to his friends and collaborators with stellar versions of Warren Zevon's "Seminole Bingo", Springsteen's Vietnam vet ode "Brothers Under The Bridge" and Greg Copeland's "Revenge Will Come".
      Opening the show was Buffalo Music Hall of Famer (Class of 2007) Jim Ehinger with a nice set of Buffalo and New Orleans styled piano blues rock. Ehinger who was once considered for a spot in headliner Lindley's old band El-Rayo X put on an impressive display showing why he has worked with the likes of Dr. John, Billy Vera and Bob Dylan. Highlight from the set was his self penned tune "Birds and the Bees".
      To learn about more upcoming shows at The Tralf go to www.tralfmusichall.com


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